There are so many guides to Prague on the internet my aim is to make my website unique, to offer that little bit more to would be visitor and my to give practical tips which I will update on a regular basis to try and ensure your visit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.  

I first came to Prague in September 2001 and have now lived here for three years, before that I was a regular visitor, hopefully my personal insight will make this website both interesting and informative. It really is an Insiders Guide.

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square is not a square at all! I had heard so much about this historical square and I must admit my chummett and I was a wee bit disappointed when we first saw it. Just lots of shops. Still worth a visit but you might have to use your imagination to conjure up the historical and important things that happened here in the past.

The imposing National Museum is at the top of the square and right in front of it is a statue of St. Wenceslas on a horse. With the square being so big “pod ocasem” or “under the tail”, is a popular place to meet up with people. For our first date I met my husband under the head for some reason. Was it a sign?
Big shops on the square include M&S (with a cafe and free loos), Debenhams and C&A. Numerous cafes and bars are scattered up and down. There is a very sweet old tram car in the centre of the square which is a cafe and bar. A great place to sit and watch the world go by.
On the right hand side and the bottom of the square is a book shop, next to Promod. It’s on about 4 floors and has a free loo and a cafe on the 2nd floor which has introduced a small childrens area. A oasis of calm if you have kiddies with you and need a break.

The square does tend to get a bit seedy at night. There a couple of big girly bars and clubs in the area and you’ll find quite a few touts hanging around especially at the top end.
Even so it’s a vibrant and lively area so don’t let me put you off.

The square is transformed at Christmas time with a beautiful tree and a Christmas market with mulled wine stalls everywhere. Prague does a beautiful Christmas. And during the summer the square plays host to a modern art exibition.
Be extra careful of your valuables in this area.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge - Karluv Most - This beautiful historical bridge was completed in 1400 and has to be one of the most popular must sight seeing activities in Prague, which means it can get really packed and if you are visiting in the summer months, I would suggest you come either before 9.00am or late in the evening. The bridge is heaving with visitors during this time of the year and you end up shuffling rather than walking across it.
The towers either end of the bridge are open 10-6 and it costs roughly 40Kc addmission. The views from either of the bridge are quite lovely and don’t forget the bridge itself.
There are 30 monuments along the bridge all of saints some of which are now replicas due to the ravages of time.
The bridge is full of interesting stalls and rather good buskers and preformers and it all makes for a great atmosphere. Suprisingly the stalls don’t tend to sell tat but quite nice souvieners of Prague, photographs and ceramic nick nacks.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square is at the heaving heart of Prague. Even when it's packed with visitors you can't help but love this place. Cafes, jazz bands, buskers, and the odd wedding just add to the buzzy atmosphere that draw people here.The square is surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants and the prices will reflect where you are but well worth pushing the boat out just tobe able to sit and people watch for a while and soak up the atmosphere.

One of the main attractions on Old Town Square is the Astronomical Clock. On the hour, death rings his bell and turns his hourglass upside down and the apostles pass through two windows nodding to the crowd. At the end a cock crows and the hour is struck. Can get really crowded especially in the summer so it's early mornings I'm afraid.

Old Town Square often plays host to al-fresco concerts, New Year celebrations, big screen sporting events like football and hockey.

Things to see on and around Old Town Square are The Old Town Hall itself, where you can catch the weddings. A bit of useless information. It’s considered unlucky here to marry in May. The baroque St Nicholas Church. Just pop your head around the door just to see the most beautiful chandelier ever.
The beautiful Tyn church and St James Church

Prague is absolutely magical at Christmas (but cold) and at Christmas time Old Town Square is host to Prague biggest Christmas market and Christmas tree.


A majestic gothic castle built in the 14th century and possibly the most photogenic castle in the Czech Republic. Only an hour from Prague, this popular castle can get really busy with coach loads of tourists being ferried in and out. Don't be put off but do try and get there as early as you can. The castle is set in beautiful woodlands so make sure you have comfy shoes with you as a stroll through the forest is highly recommended and the view of the castle is best appreciated from there.

You can get to Karlstejn by train from Hlavni Nadrazi and the trains run every half hour during the week and at weekends. The journey takes approx. 42 minutes.

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